Hi there, I'm Suzy!

Hi there, I'm Suzy!

I uplift other women in the areas of running, lifting, and motherhood and create community for servant leadership.

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ZYIA Active: Passionate Team Welcome

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At ZYIA Active, we are known as Passionate Team. That’s our name because we consider our businesses a “passion project” we work in various ways.

We have a solid crew of leaders to help you find your happy place; your immediate sponsor or upline will be your first point of contact going going forward. The information below was created to serve you during your on boarding time.

Real talk: you are in the right place. 

Where do I start?

ZYIA Active was founded on the pillars of light, community, activity, and uplift. You’ll see these things in all we do as a company.

We meet women where they are, both in size (XXS-XXXL) and function – yoga, biking, hiking, running, CrossFit, swimming, or chasing after kids!

In 2 short years, our line has expanded to kids and men. With these things in mind, you’ll identify your ideal customer with the help of your sponsor and start digging in!

Passionate Team Welcome

What should I do as I wait for my starter kit?

Unlike other direct selling companies, ZYIA Active doesn’t have any extra incentives during the first 90 days of joining.

We think this is a great thing because it eliminates the sense of urgency and allows you to plan your business and launch strategically.

We have created the Ultimate ZYIA Active workbook for you to print out and work from during your first 30 days of being a rep.

Here are some additional things you can do to get your business started off on the right foot:

1. Get Familiar with Back Office

While you’re in there, make sure you set up an event and redeem your $200 gift certificate within the event so you can earn hostess rewards.

There are a lot of Facebook groups your sponsor will add you to for self-paced training. Here’s a breakdown so you know where to go and for what!

2. Think about Social Media

Brainstorm with your sponsor to decide which social media will support your ZYIA Active business. Note we said support, not base. We’ve seen a lot of reps crash and burn when they build their primary business on Facebook or Instagram.

Remember, you don’t own those places.

Use them to support your efforts, but don’t build your house there.

Add the company account and closed account (reps only) on Instagram.

Instagram for Business

Download the 3 Ps of Social Content Workbook or listen to the podcast episode about content creation:

More on Selling, Strategy, & Social Media

3. Schedule your Launch

Let your network know you are open for business! I challenge you to start with a Facebook or Instagram Live video about your newest venture to build interest!

If going live scares you, just be authentic with a post. Remember- curiosity creates interest. You don’t have to spill your business plan- just let folks know you are representing the ZYIA Active brand.

Your launch party can take place in your home with some girlfriends over wine, through a Facebook group, Instagram through the close friends feature, or a combination. Bonus points for doing an “unboxing” of your starter kit (5-7 days shipping) during your launch.

Your sponsor will team up with you on this, so don’t let product knowledge be a barrier.

Once you’ve done your launch, have your friends start hosting online events for you as well! It’s a great way for them to get ZYIA at free and 1/2-off just for hosting, and for you to expand your client base! 

Facebook Strategy
Instagram Parties
Influencer Strategy (no parties)

Welcome to ZYIA Active! Don’t forget to bookmark this page & download your workbook.

Real talk: you are in the right place. 

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