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Hi there, I'm Suzy!

I uplift other women in the areas of running, lifting, and motherhood and create community for servant leadership.

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ZYIA Active without Parties: Influencer Style Sales Guide

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Even though ZYIA promotes a party plan, you can do ZYIA Active without parties; influencer style sales does not require them.

Let’s discuss what you’ll do, month by month, if you’re taking on ZYIA Active without parties. This system is based on my personal experience at and it is what I coach women who join my team.

Days 1-30

Define who you’re serving

The first thing you’ll do is announce your brand partnership & communicate your why, or reason for committing to the business. People buy from people they know, like, and trust. Communicating your personal why helps build that connection. 

You’ll want to define your ideal client, the person buying your product or service, early. This is a step that is often overlooked but will serve as a framework for all your marketing content.

Choose your social media

You’ve heard it before- it’s better to be amazing in one place than mediocre in many. Choose one choose main social media channel and commit to 2-5 activities (feed posts, stories, live, video) daily. 


This allows you to solidify your why (remember, adult learners need to hear something 7 times on average) and further aligns you with your brand in the minds of your network. 

Build email list

Why do this? You don’t own social media. If your Instagram account disappeared tomorrow, don’t let your business go with it. Your goal in the first 30 days is 50 addresses. Pro tip: ask people to join the list during your unboxing.

Send email newsletter

You don’t need to spam your customer base every week, but it’s a great idea to set a pattern early. I recommend monthly or twice a month, depending on your bandwidth. Remember the 3 Ps, which means going heavy on purposeful value.

If you have a lead magnet (guide to something valuable that you will give in exchange for an email address) already, you can use it now. If you don’t have one yet, don’t worry. At this point, the address is on your list are probably your warm market- people you know personally. 

Be thinking about what you may want to create. At ZYIA Active, my ideal customer is a fitness minded working mom. I have used capsule wardrobe guides, printable training schedules, and time saving meal plans 


This can be an in person or virtual event with another brand that is strategic to give you some reach beyond your warm market. Do you something that excites you! 

An information table at a local community event or high traffic retail establishment is ideal. Your goal is to share the brand with others and collect email addresses through giveaways or contests. Be creative! Let your personality shine! 

Set up next month

Schedule 2 promos with other brands or in person events for following month. If you must do a virtual event, go for it but make sure it’s something that aligns with your future goals for your business. 

Participating as a speaker in a training series or holding your own webinar that provides value first content (side note: you have a talent! Share it!) is a lot different than a Facebook party. Here’s why: 

If you commit to a Facebook party, odds are you’re going to book another Facebook party (cause you’re that good!). Suddenly, you are the Facebook party girl and you don’t have time to invest in the things required of you for a influencer style direct sales business.

Days 30-60

In your chosen social channel from last month, stay consistent with 2-5 activities daily. 

Even if you aren’t converting to sales, consistency creates credibility in your audience’s eyes and makes you a go to authority for your ideal client. 

Add to your email list 

Continue building your email list. At this point, you will want to create a lead magnet that offers value to your audience in exchange for signing up for your list

If you have ideas for more than one lead magnet, get them on paper for the future. At this point, you want only one. 

Your goal by the end of day 60 is a total of 60-75 email addresses. If you hit 50 last month and create a great lead magnet, this should be a simple goal.

Set up next month 

Schedule 2 events or promos with other brands or in person events for following month.

If you do not have a large following, I recommend your early events be in person. People need to feel your passion and excitement. 

If you must do a virtual event, you can- just make sure it’s something that aligns with your future goals for your business. 

2/2/2 follow up 

2+2+2 stands for two days, two weeks and two months. This type of follow up is very popular in direct sales; however, it’s unpopular to actually implement it from the beginning. 

Most people hear about it in training but wait until they’re in sales trouble to actually implement the system. 

Not you. You’ll create this smart habit early.

Days 60-90

Poll audience

You have just defined your ideal client 2 months ago, but you need to check in with your audience to sharpen the definition.

As a reminder, your ideal client is the person buying your product or service. All of your social content speaks to him/her.

In my ZYIA Active business, I get more participation from informal Instagram polls (combination of poll and open ended question stickers) than formal, overproduced surveys on Typeform or Survey Monkey.

Consistent social media

In your chosen social channel from month one, stay consistent with 2-5 activities daily. 

At this point, you have been doing this enough to establish a workflow and can begin thinking about where you might want to establish a complementary social media presence next. 

You want this channel to strengthen your overall business strategy, so do some research on platforms now and bounce ideas off your tribe. 

Build and send newsletter

By the of this month, you should have 75-90 email addresses on your list. Some of these people have bought from you, some haven’t. That’s okay. 

You are serving your audience with a regular email newsletter. Serve then sell.

Having trouble with content creation outside of your direct sales promotions? Listen to my 3 Ps podcast with Brenda Ster.

Set up next month

Next, you’ll schedule 2 partnerships or events (in person or virtual) for following month. You want to keep your ideal client in mind as you source opportunities

Aim for different types of events and promotions in these early days. It’s tempting to do the same thing over and over again but your aim is exposure. 

It’s easy to get caught in the same gym community month after month instead of spreading your wings. There is nothing wrong with an established relationship with a gym full of ideal clients, but protect your time resources. 

If you’re creating great content on social media and in your newsletter, the customers from that gym can stay connected to you. 

2/2/2 follow up 

After you’ve made this outreach, write a note to yourself in your calendar or phone to follow up in 2 weeks. If you really want to be a baller, send a written thank you note with your business card inside as well.

Days 90-120

Identify pain points for your ideal client

You just did a poll and a refreshed definition of your ideal client, which is the person you want to serve with your product or service. 

Sure, it’s only a month later. I’m recommending you take the temperature on this often. By this point, you not only know what he/she needs, you know them intimately enough to know pain points. 

A pain point is a problem you can address specifically with your offering as a solution. 

At ZYIA Active, my ideal customer feels overwhelmed (pain). I can simplify her life by recommending a versatile pant option (link) that allows her to go from gym to street, multiple climates, & even spans a half size up or down (solution). 

I can’t help every area of her busy life, but I can ease the decision anxiety she faces on her closet each morning.

Choose a secondary social media platform

Now, it’s time to add social media. Implement the same consistent effort you’ve been putting for previously. 

Assuming you’ve vetted this choice and it makes sense for your overall strategy, begin posting at least once daily. 

Where appropriate, use the same brand hashtag you’ve been using on your first platform so customers can use it to find you in multiple places. For example, folks can find me using #runliftmom on both Instagram and Facebook

You’re still maintaining 2-5 activities (feed posts, stories, live) daily on main social media. Get in the groove of 1-3 activities, depending on your bandwidth, on secondary social media. 

Continue building email list and sending newsletter

You don’t own social media. If your Instagram account disappeared tomorrow, don’t let your business go with it. Your goal by the end of this month is 100 addresses.

Pro tip: if you had ideas for multiple lead magnets in month 2, publish the second. Give it to your existing list as a “thank you”, then use it publicly to get more people on your list. 

Schedule 2 promos for next month

Here’s where you will start to pull back on in person events if being an influencer online is your ultimate goal. Aim for something in your industry space that would appeal to your ideal client. 

As an example, I promoted  ZYIA Active through a subscription box partnership. Several of the box subscribers are now repeat activewear customers. 

Days 120-150

Maintain social media presence

You’re maintaining 2-5 activities daily on your main social media channel as well as at least one activity (feed post, stories, live) on secondary social media. Add a third here if you feel comfortable.

Remember, all of these things serve as sales funnels to the “ultimate stop”, which is a purchase from you on your website. 

Building team as an Influencer

At this point, you have some bandwidth on the sales side to add teammates if you want to recruit and build team in your direct sales business.

This is, of course, assuming you don’t already have a team- this type of attraction based marketing often yields people asking you to join the fun!

Note your ideal client- or teammate- definition will be different from your peers who follow a party plan.

As an influencer styler direct seller, you aren’t demonstrating the job in parties to potential teammates. Everything you do in your social channels will attract those wishing to do business in this “long game” way. 

Do everything with integrity- your future team is watching. 

Build your email list

Goal: doubled from month 2 number

If you had 65 email addresses, you should have 130 total. If you haven’t done do in previous months, create another lead magnet that offers value to your audience in exchange for signing up for your list

As you send your regular monthly or biweekly email newsletter, remember 3Ps (LINK)

Set up next month

Schedule 1 partnership or virtual promotion for the following month. You’ll want to keep your ideal client in mind as you source opportunities.

Influencer promotions are no different than booking direct sales parties- you’re planting seeds now for what you’ll harvest in upcoming months.

Stay hungry!

This guide has purposely been quite tactical because I want you to bookmark it and refer back in your first 150 days.

This advice is more of a soft skill, but it’s at this point that most people lose discipline. 

Stay hungry. Set goals for your business that inspire you to leave a legacy. 

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Want to make this brand a business? Learn more about how you can join or contact me directly to explore the opportunity.

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Want to make this brand a business? Learn more about how you can join or contact me directly to explore the opportunity.

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