Hi there, I'm Suzy!

Hi there, I'm Suzy!

I uplift other women in the areas of running, lifting, and motherhood and create community for servant leadership.

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Why I Stopped Being a ZYIA Active Rep

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This post has two parts: 1. why I stopped being a ZYIA Active rep 2. sincere gratitude and direction for those of you who have supported me with your purchases.

Why leave?

It’s actually really simple: my personal lifestyle.

I’ll unpack this a bit, but that’s honestly what it comes down to.

If you’re looking for some anti-MLM piece that slams the company, this isn’t it.

Goodbye things

In March 2020, my husband and I read a book called Goodbye Things by Fumio Sasaki. 

The book really resonated with me and I realized I was involved in a business that inherently meant bringing non-consumable items I didn’t need into our home on a regular basis.

Side note: I need to make really clear ZYIA did not require me to buy anything. 

In fact, when I compare with other reps I probably bought the least of anyone since I stuck to staple items in a single color.

Run Lift Mom ZYIA Aloette

In order to be a good resource for someone, you have to try on things. You just do. Also, I had data from early on that showed people bought what I reviewed.

Direct correlation. 

Minus those joggers in a bottle, of course.

A lot of reps review things and then sell them to others at a deeply discounted price. This way, they are always cycling things in and out. 

Great strategy for a minimalist…if you have an abundance of time. 

In addition to publishing a podcast every week, I’m also the homeschooling Mom of 4 (triplet kindergartners and a first grader).

Why do I feel guilty

Allow me to get really meta on you for a second. 

Even if I keep my capsule and never buy anything myself, there’s absolutely a part of me that feels bad when someone is buying their 17th pair of leggings in a single year. 

I know it’s not my job to make a value-based decision for someone else, but I couldn’t shake the feeling I was contributing to some sort of warped consumerism.

When someone asks me to give the short answer, this is it.

Join Aloette

As soon as I embraced minimalism, I could no longer be excited about clothing anymore and I knew it was translating to my customers and team (even if I didn’t say it outright).

No parties in a party plan

I sell things in a way that allows me to podcast, blog, and offer run coaching at a fair price everyone can access.

Customers come to me when they need something.

Even if someone never buys something from me, there is a podcast for fitness minded Moms every week.

I didn’t know this when I signed up (real talk: I just knew I loved the clothes!), but the most successful reps at ZYIA do parties on Facebook or in home.

You hold a party, invite people into your “VIP group”, book more parties, rinse and repeat.

It takes a lot of time.

ZYIA Run Lift Mom

The party police aren’t coming

Now, it can be done differently. 

I have over 6 digits in personal retail sales that prove as much. 

You don’t have to do parties at ZYIA. 

If you stumbled upon this post and are searching for something to blame in your own journey, I just don’t think the party plan is the villain here.

I’ll give you this: when you don’t do parties, you are a square peg in a round hole with this specific company culture.

Nobody has ever been rude or mean to me for not doing parties- in fact, they have cheered me on!

I am an outlier, though and another book that resonates with me is The Dip by Seth Godin.

I know when to keep fighting and when my energy is better spent elsewhere.

There’s a lesson in everything

I walk away from this experience beyond grateful. ZYIA gave me an audience.

I began with zero on Instagram in July 2018 and have 14K connections over there that allow me to negotiate combo brand deals for my podcast, which gets 500-800 downloads per episode.

Speaking of the podcast, it only exists because I didn’t want to start a “VIP group” or do parties. I figured my family and a handful of customers would listen. Wrong.

None of that happens without ZYIA. None of it!

Woman smiling with hands out near head

ZYIA also showed me I want to be in direct sales.

As a content creator who isn’t famous, it’s the best way to make money and provides a built community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

Most direct sellers are part timers and fall into one of these categories:

  • Traditional 9-5 and direct sales allows them to be creative and call shots.
  • They don’t get to manage people at work but have the ability to use leadership skills in direct sales.
  • Values e-commerce drop shipping with proof of concept in the product and low entry points.

Finally, ZYIA showed me I prefer to be with companies that are small.

I was the 2600th rep, 16th in NC when I joined and really loved the intimacy of the company in the early days.

I also liked telling the brand story to the 9 out of 10 people who didn’t know what ZYIA was!

It added a layer of intimacy I need (and wanted!) with customers and gave my team that “in the trenches together” feeling.

I’ve never worked at a true startup but I imagine the energy is similar.

Aloette influencer

Along came Aloette

In December, a company called Aloette approached me about a direct to corporate role.

They were looking for leaders well versed in social media with established personal brands (separate from their direct sales brand).

Can I be honest? My initial response was no way. They sell skincare and makeup.

I love lipgloss something fierce but until recently, frankly, I didn’t care about my cleanser or moisturizer!

When I spoke with the President/CEO, everything changed.

You can read more about Aloette right here– I don’t need to get deep because you came here to find out why I’m leaving ZYIA.

ZYIA made it really easy for me to say yes to a brand that’s a better fit for the way I do business and my personal lifestyle. I don’t want to do 2 direct selling companies.

I thought I did, but remember that time I don’t have? Yeah. That.

I need to point out the CEO at Aloette never asked me to leave ZYIA. She encourages us to be well rounded with Aloette as part of our personal brand.

Quite honestly, she will find out I left ZYIA with everybody else as I publish this article.

Join Aloette

It’s all Providence

I know some of you still want your All Star bras. Me too- I still love the brand and stand by the quality!

When you support a ZYIA rep, you:

  • get a fantastic product (fact: I’ll take Light n Tights over any Lululemon blend every single time!)
  • excellent customer service
  • tap into a community that cares so deeply for customers they built the business on it.

At the time I am publishing this, I am also sending out a message to Two on Tuesday subscribers.

You’ll get a few specific women I stand by and, depending on how you like to shop, you can choose one if you don’t already know someone else selling ZYIA.

I want to keep you in this brand.

You can get on my list via a free half marathon training schedule (win!) for biweekly Tuesday updates that focus on the podcast but integrate the brands that support it.

Thank you!

If you made it this far, I want to thank you! This was a really hard post to write because there’s a sense of finality and I truly love the women in this community.

That’s never going away.

I hope you can see this is the best decision for me.

Whether you purchased activewear or worked with me on the team or within the brand, I’m not going anywhere so let’s stay connected!

Learn about my new brand:

Aloette moisture spray
Suzy goodwin

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