Hi there, I'm Suzy!

Hi there, I'm Suzy!

I uplift other women in the areas of running, lifting, and motherhood and create community for servant leadership.

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What is the Serve then Sell podcast?

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What is the Serve then Sell podcast?

It’s a show for service minded network marketing and direct sales professionals who focus on relationships. 

Anyone can benefit from this show, but it also serves as a training space for the Aloette A Team.

Each episode can be listened to standalone or you can listen to an “album” masterclass style (in under 1 hour!). Here’s an example of the show:

You can hear the entire episode on Spotify, GoogleBreakerOvercastPocketCastsRadioPublic, and Amazon Music or Alexa or click on the video above.

Remember, YouTube videos can be played at 2X speed just like a podcast- simply click the settings wheel in the corner and adjust playback speed!

Want to get the full show notes for this episode and all the resources mentioned? Click below:

The Serve then Sell podcast is an album style audio podcast for service minded direct sales and MLM professionals. Seasons/albums release monthly so you can listen to them one at a time or all at once, masterclass style! 

You can press the button below to subscribe on Apple. Also available on Spotify, GoogleBreakerOvercastPocketCastsRadioPublic, and Amazon Music or Alexa.

I hope you’ll share this show with someone who would be blessed by it! 

Contact me if you want to share your expertise as a cohost on an album (please note this is application based) or sponsor a segment on the show as a strategy to expand your warm market.

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