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Hi there, I'm Suzy!

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Weekly Social Media Plan for ZYIA Reps

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Here’s a weekly social media plan for ZYIA Reps. Odds are, if you joined our team, you do business outside of the traditional direct selling party plan with social media as a main tool.

This is your happy place, so let’s keep it that way by giving you a road map to save time!

To plan or not to plan

If you are one who likes to plan, follow to the letter. This guide operates on the principles of attraction based marketing.

If you prefer to go day by day, read through this section of instructions anyway to understand the strategies and do the daily checklist(s) located in our private Facebook page.

We also have scheduler worksheets and prompt guides, which align with the strategy below.

As part of Passionate team, you get these tools, which are updated often!

Social media posts

Plan posts for the week from the below categories, which align with the V.A.L.U.E acronym. At minimum, do one from each.


What are you great at? Cooking, fitness, organization, communication, business, gardening, decorating, styling, kid activities, personal development? Whatever your thing is, find a way to share it in a way that serves others first!

You can also use live video to share and teach.

Yes, LIVE video. Hit that record button and teach people something. You don’t have to be an expert. If you’re doing personal development every day, you are one step ahead of most people.

If you are trying to attract business minded people to join your team, make sure you are teaching things of value to entrepreneurs. If you are trying to attract customers, teach something related to your industry.

Pssst- if you aren’t quite ready to go live you could simply re-teach something that is speaking to you personally and uplift the creator by crediting them!

Don’t overthink this one!


Share a cool quote or thought that inspires people, but make sure to include your own personal story if you can. Don’t just to share a quote. Find a way to make it personal or create an emotional response. You don’t need to mention ZYIA.


This is lifestyle with a twist! The twist is engaging your audience to foster a relationship.

Showcase your life. What do you do? Give people a peek into who you are and learn about them by asking questions or with specific calls to action.

You’re creating a cycle for communication.

Find some joys in life or ways to be silly & show off your personality. Again, no need to mention ZYIA.


This is specific to your unique product offering. Think, post about a product or tem review. Talk about the benefits and how they help functionality rather than the features.

Example: the Adjustable Mesh Bra is great for capsule wardrobes because you can loosen up the straps and set at parallel as an everyday bra or tighten with the “X” style back for high intensity training or running.


The one thing you have to offer all the time is the brand rep opportunity. There’s no stock issue or seasonal concern here.

So in this category, you’ll plug your awesome opportunity…but don’t say the word business.

Fact: 80% of direct sellers are part time or “hobbyists” and they weren’t necessarily looking for an opportunity when they joined.

Were you?

If you say “business” you will scare people off or give them the impression you are some MLM Hun playing house in her Husband’s office.

For example, casually mention how blessed you are to be home with your kids or how great it is to be able to work when you want, so you can go hiking during the day or how you’re losing weight as a result of hanging out virtually with your team and talking about activewear all the time.

There doesn’t need to be a call to action. The goal is just to showcase your life and create a little curiosity about being a brand rep.

What’s the goal here?

You want to attract or pull people in by providing value and creating curiosity. Remember- V.A.L.U.E if you don’t know what type of content to post.

If you have stock images all over your Instagram or product links & names all over your Facebook wall, pause right now and go clean it up.

You want people to ask you about ZYIA. If they see it all over your social media, they have no reason to start a conversation with you.

How is there time for all of this?

First, repurpose old content. Only 20% of your audience is going to see what you put on social media in the first place, so it doesn’t matter if you post something again.

Use a different photo or zoom/cropped image with the same caption. Show a video review recorded in evergreen language again. Pull a blog excerpt or video segment into a social post. The possibilities are endless.

Second, you need a good scheduling app to automate your social media work. Maybe more than one, depending on the social media channels you are on.

For example, CinchShare is a no brainer if you do parties and can aid consistency in a Facebook VIP group, too.

Our team has a shared CinchShare folder with ready made templates and party themes you can use.

Tailwind is ideal for bloggers or podcasters who use Pinterest to funnel website traffic. This one can also be used for Instagram and is best for long game growth! The longer your content is on Pinterest, the better it works for you.

HelloWoofy is a must for those who have a presence across multiple social media platforms, including TikTok, and currently has a $49 lifetime price.

If you are some sort of brand rep ninja with multiple brands or manage more than one social media account, the artificial intelligence for HelloWoofy will change the game for specific reach!

Note: the above links are affiliate, meaning I get a small kickback if you decide the services are a great fit for you. My kids’ college accounts thank you!

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