Hi there, I'm Suzy!

Hi there, I'm Suzy!

I uplift other women in the areas of running, lifting, and motherhood and create community for servant leadership.

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Top 5 Tips for ZYIA Active Reps

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I’m a direct sales skeptic turned Believer and here are my top 5 tips for ZYIA Active reps:

1. Lead with honesty.

This should not be a hard one. Don’t lie to people about the clothes or the opportunity.

2. Don’t barrage family and friends.

My best advice to you is to get out of your circle of family and friends (warm market) as soon as you can. Remember that people 2-3 degrees outside your personal network will be your best advocates.

Focus on building those outer networks through online events, networking, pop-ups, partnerships, referral word of mouth, business, etc.

3. Identify your target market.

Here’s one of the most important tips for ZYIA Active reps- know who you’re serving. My ideal client isn’t necessarily a woman who has been buying Lululemon leggings for $100+. 

Rather, she has been buying activewear at Old Navy or Target and to tales a lot of convincing for her to spend $59. 

She is a smart, tech savvy achiever with an interest in fitness but struggles to make it a priority. She enjoys social media but makes a conscious effort to be fully present with her kids and will dump it for several days if needed. 

Since I know these things, I can plan my business around them.The social platforms I’m on, the language I use, policies I establish? All direct reflections of my ideal customer.

4. Share every day

One of my personal non-negotiables every day is to share ZYIA Active with at least one person. Whether that is someone I met on a walk in the neighborhood who commented on my leggings, my hair dresser, a fellow Mom at the park, I share.

I’m not putting them in a headlock. It’s no full court press. I am having an authentic face-to-face conversation with at least one person each day about either our products, how I manage my time, or what I do with this brand daily.

This isn’t buy full time job (& it probably isn’t yours!), so keep sharing simple and fun. Here are the social media schedulers I recommend:

CinchShare: best for parties and Facebook VIP groups, our team has a shared folder with ready made templates and party themes you can use

Tailwind: ideal for bloggers or podcasters who use Pinterest to funnel website traffic. Can also be used for Instagram. Best for long game growth!

HelloWoofy: a must for those who have a presence across multiple social media platforms, including TikTok.

5. Sponsor, don’t recruit.

There is nothing more annoying to me than the “boss babe” narrative with the “join my team” verbiage. 

I cringe when I see it because to me that says we care about racking up the number of recruits, not that we care about who you are as a human being and how this business could be the solution to your circumstances.

Take time to train, to support, lead, to be a shoulder when times are tough, and let new reps know that you will be their rock. Our goal is to help equip our new reps with the tools they need to succeed, to take this fun, simple side gig and run!

 If I’m your Sponsor, I’ll guide you to the best training and system for your intended brand rep strategy. 

Let’s Connect

You can also connect with me to learn more about how I coach my team before making a prayerful decision. 

This job is not for everyone- it’s just not. If it is for you, though? Changing leggings could change your life.

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