RLM Flexible Training Plans

The Run Lift Mom system for making
a training plan work with your life

Eliminate Unnecessary Training

The RLM training programs are each carefully designed to maximize efficiency

Reduce Injury

The nature of this system allows for you to listen to your body and make changes accordingly

Gain Your Time Back

The flexibility of this program allows for you to effectively train for a race- but on YOUR terms

Are you struggling to find a training plan that works with your lifestyle?

I understand completely. When training for my first marathon as working mom of four, I knew there was no way I was going to be able to adopt a rigid training schedule. 

I wished for an easy, step-by-step resource to quickly tell me exactly what I needed to train for races. BUT this had to be flexible enough to handle real life. Out of my frustration for the lack of adaptable plans, the flexible training method was developed.

Over the years, I have continued to use this flexible training method and I have found this approach is perfect for anyone who feels strapped for time.

The RLM Flexible Plans are proven to work

“I worked with Suzy for my first post baby marathon. The schedule was easy to follow”
April K.
Marathon Program
“I hired Suzy when I got serious about running a sub 4 hour marathon. It worked! I was in nursing school and working full time during training”
Krissy A.
Marathon Program

What's Included?

2 Videos from Suzy

That guide you through her proven flexible training method

Training Plan Guidebook

Everything you need for the program conveniently in one place

Weekly Planner + Tracker

Breaking the bigger program down to set you up for success

Monthly Calendar

For those who like to think big picture

Optional Upgrade: 1-1 Consulting

For extra accountability and guidance purchase the upgrade to receive TWO calls with Suzy.

success stories

“I’m a running coach now and still use the speed workouts Suzy gave me (when she was my coach) with my clients!”
Jackie F.
Marathon Plan
“I was able to reach my half marathon goal while working full time”
Karla A.
Half-Marathon Program


We currently offer 5 training plans to prep for the most common race distances:

  • 5k
  • 10k
  • 10 miles
  • Half Marathon
  • Marathon

The 5k and 10k progams are each 8 weeks. The 10 mile and half-marathon are 10 weeks. The marathon program is 12 weeks.

  • a growth mindset. Claim victory over your race finish before beginning!
  • sneakers
  • open space/dreadmill

These programs assume you are able to comfortably run for 10 minutes (at any pace) without stopping. If you aren’t there yet, please choose the one on one consult accountability option for personalized approach to the system.

If you purchase the upgrade your program will look similar to this:

  • Step 1: purchase plan 
  • Step 2: get plan
  • Step 3: live 1:1 consult call (25 min)
  • Step 4: implement plan
  • Step 5: 1:1 touchpoint (10 min)
  • Step 6: finish race & celebrate
  • Optional: use same schedule for future races

Upon checkout a link will be provided for you to book a time with Suzy that works for your schedule.

I do not offer refunds on these programs. Please wait until you are fully committed to your race to purchase a system.

success stories

“Suzy helped me train for my marathon primarily with a stroller. It wasn’t easy, but I did it!”
Jessica K.
Marathon Plan
“I worked with Suzy for my first post baby marathon. The schedule was easy to follow”
April K
Marathon Program

Limited Time Free 5k Training Plan Special!

For a limited time – I am offering my 5k Training Plan completely free! 

Why am I doing this? I want you to be able to hit the ground running on meeting your goals. This will allow you to get a taste of my signature flexible approach at no cost to you! Simply click here or use the checkout system below (no credit card required) to sign up.

Please note you will be enrolled in a 5-day email course when you claim your schedule; this is to ensure you understand the concept and can follow the provided 8 week template ($30 value).

Flexible Training Plan