Podcast Playbook

Suzy’s system and guidance for launching and producing a prodcast.

Worried no one will listen?

A podcast will help you go deep with your ideal client. Ignore vanity numbers such as number of downloads and solidify your relationship with the people you serve.This program helps you flush out your podcast plan to ensure you're reaching the right people.

Stumped by technology?

On a 1-10 scale, the learning curve is about a 2. Don’t let technology paralyze creation! You'll get access to the behind the scenes of the tools I use!

Don't have enough time?

This playbook will help you to streamline your launch and create a timeline to complement your existing business plan.

Are you looking for a new way to reach your audience but not sure how to Launch a Podcast?

When I launched my first podcast, I wanted a way to reach my audience without having to do a VIP Facebook group. I decided to do a show that reflected the space of my personal brand– all about fitness and parenthood.

While I knew podcasting could be a great format (hello- reaching people who are multitasking!), it’s quite a learning curve to get started.

All of best practices learned along the way to creating Run Lift Mom and then Serve, Then Sell have been included in the Podcast Playbook. This will help you go from brainstorming your idea to launching your first recording!


What's Included?

1 Video from Suzy

That guide you through her proven podcast launch method

Podcast Playbook PDF

Everything you need from solidifying your podcast idea to launching!

Optional Upgrade: 1-1 Coaching

For extra guidance purchase the upgrade to receive one call with Suzy. This call is perfect to review demos or audit your podcast. You'll also walk away with a custom Asana checklist of tasks with resources

success stories

"Suzy helped me go from concept to on the air in 2 weeks!"
Lizzy Cook
Integrated Being
"Suzy made our show idea reality and saved us time with her industry expertise"
Joe Gonrowski
IST CrossFit Podcast


Yes, you could figure out all of this on your own. It will take weeks or months. You’re paying for the time savings of what I’ve already learned in a streamlined delivery. 


For $30, you can have your show launched in the same time you would collect the needed resources.

Maybe, maybe not. If your show is an extension of your brand, you’re considered a hobbyist podcaster and my guide and/or consult services can help launch or fine tune your show. 


If you need an intense deep dive with a goal of being a podcasting professional, I recommend you work with my friend Britany instead at Podcasting for Coaches (link to affiliate).

This program is perfect for those who want guidance with their idea and getting started with publishing episodes.

I offer an upgrade that includes a one-on-one coaching session that is perfect to flush out ideas or get a podcast audit. 

If you’d like on-going support, I also offer coaching calls. These are deep dive strategy sessions with Asana checklist of tasks with resources.

If you are looking for a more comprehensive program I highly recommend the Start Podcasting Program. Use code RUNLIFTMOM so Britney knows that I’ve sent you!

success stories

"Suzy helped me with a plan to get my audience involved in the show."
LaQuitta Wallace
Queen in Me Podcast

Podcast Playbook


I am now offering my Podcast Playbook and a 5 day email course covering hosting platforms, equipment, editing, and interviews for free! Simply click here or use the checkout system below (no credit card required) to sign up.

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Podcast ToolKit

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