Hi there, I'm Suzy!

Hi there, I'm Suzy!

I uplift other women and create community in the areas of running, lifting, and motherhood.

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How to Sign Up as a ZYIA Rep

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Maybe you’re a little bit curious about how I wear leggings as a Stay at Home Mom AND GET PAID, but you’re not sure where to start or what to do. I’m here to help with how to sign up as a ZYIA rep.

Did you know I can do my job from anywhere, however and whenever I want? It’s great. After all, we are all looking for more freedom and fun. Especially if you’re a Mom wanting to be there for her kids or Boardroom type looking for a creative outlet. 

  • How do I become a rep? First of all, to become a rep you just need to purchase a starter kit in the US or Canada.
  • Can the starter kit be customized?
    While you cannot choose what items come in your kit (unlike when I joined in Summer 2018!), the sizes are customized for you free of charge. You can obviously customize anything you purchase with your giftcard.


  • Do you have to keep inventory? NO! The great thing about being a Zyia rep is that you don’t have to keep any inventory. Instead customers place orders through your personalized rep website and they ship from our warehouse in Utah. No running to the post office to ship or using half your garage to store sports bras.


  • How much is your website? Your personalized website is only $15/month in the US or $21 in Canada. However, your first two months are free with the purchase of your kit. You have the opportunity to have the fee waived by selling $600 USD or $840 CDN each month.


  • What is your discount as a rep? Zyia reps get 25% off everything!


  • Is there a monthly/yearly fee? Nope! Once you buy your start up kit you are a rep. Zyia doesn’t charge any montly or yearly fees.
  • Is there a monthly minimum to stay active? No. What makes Zyia so amazing is we don’t require monthly minimums to stay active. Instead you have 6 month blocks to hit your minimum requirement. That means if you don’t sell anything for several months you’re still considered an “active rep”.  We have also kept the minimum low- $300 ($420 CDN) every 6 months-  so it is completely attainable. The bonus is your kit and anything you purchase with your discount counts towards this number.
  • How do you make commissions?
    Commissions are paid on sales placed through the rep’s personal website. Commission percentages are between 20-32% depending on your rank in the company. If you choose to build a team you will make commissions on their sales as well.
  • Can you build a team?
    Absolutely! This business is built around women supporting women and team building is part of that. While building a team is not mandatory, it is the more lucrative way to go. Here’s another article with 

Want to be a brand rep? Learn more how you can join (Canada hereor contact me directly

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If you’re leaning toward the opportunity to be a brand rep, check these out:




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