Hi there, I'm Suzy!

Hi there, I'm Suzy!

I uplift other women in the areas of running, lifting, and motherhood and create community for servant leadership.

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How to do video reviews for ZYIA Active

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Here are some tips about how to do video reviews for ZYIA Active.

I don’t want you to overthink recording videos- these tips are intended for someone who wants to sharpen his or her skills.

If you have just started, bookmark this page and come back to it after you’ve cut your teeth on some off the cuff reviews, focusing on simply being yourself!

Use evergreen language

Evergreen means content is continually relevant and stays “fresh” over a long period of time. Using evergreen language in videos means you are using words that will be as relevant a year from now- not time based.

If you say, “we restock this in September” or “we have this in 3 colors- black, white, and, navy“, you have essentially just pigeonholed yourself.

Try saying things like, “this one sells out often, so grab it if you see in your size!” or “we have multiple colors

To caption or not?

I do my reviews on Instagram, where 80% of users are silent viewers so I use captions.

After I record my video, I upload it to an app called “MixCaptions”.

It is a “pay per” app and you buy packages based on number transcribed words. I gifted myself the biggest package they had as a self reward after a great ZYIA month.

In fact, that’s what I do every month- if I reach my goal (yielding extra commission), I reinvest into apps that save me time.

Aim for brevity

I guess we can blame TikTok culture, but shorter is better. Period.

The below video is almost 2 minutes long. That’s too long for my network. I know because I look at the analytics on both YouTube and Instagram.

For me (it’s going to be different for you), viewers start falling off around 75 seconds. That’s consistent with social media averages; interestingly, the younger an audience is the less time they’ll give you.

I like to remind my ZYIA team to keep reviews below 2 minutes as a rule of thumb.

Work smart

My workflow on review videos is as follows- please note it is really tech heavy but I have it this tight because I only have 10 hours a week for ZYIA since I have a weekly podcast also:

  • batch record multiple videos (4-6) in evergreen language
  • Create a cover in Canva & upload immediately to YouTube (which will caption for you)
  • Caption on Mix Captions app
  • Create a cover for Instagram in Adobe Lightroom
  • Put captioned video and Instagram Lightroom cover into an album on my phone (these cannot be automatically posted with CinchShare but they can if your starting point is Facebook) and create a calendar reminder for video post (I do 2-3/week, spread out)
  • Sharing on Instagram defaults to my Facebook business page. When I have events, these are the video reviews I use (from my business page)

I know this sounds scary and probably way too much for you if you just began. I started doing this about 6 months ago. When I joined initially, I just did a review video every day off the cuff.

“Batching” like this is really only necessary if you are on multiple channels or really limited with time.

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