Hi there, I'm Suzy!

Hi there, I'm Suzy!

I uplift other women in the areas of running, lifting, and motherhood and create community for servant leadership.

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How to Do Text Parties for ZYIA with Project Broadcast

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Here’s how to do text parties for ZYIA Active with Project Broadcast.

Why Party via Text?

Why do I think you should do this? It’s different, creates a unique experience, and meets people where they are at a time when social media is feeling a bit overwhelming.

  1. You need project broadcast. The training offered in app as well as on the Facebook group is overwhelming but I believe it’s worth the time investment (budget about 8-10 hours total) to complete the bootcamp
  2. Collect phone numbers from your hostess
  3. Identify a period of time to send messages (I like 3 days!)
  4. Create your template (note: if you are on my team, I share mine with you!)

How to use Project Broadcast

If you’re looking for a deep dive on how to do Project Broadcast, here’s a tutorial you can use.

This service will run you anywhere from $7-20 depending on how many messages you need to send each month.

You get a completely separate 10 digit number that folks can reply back to one on one. It’s a great way to separate hobby/work from personal life.

Wait- I don’t want to do parties!

Real talk: I’m a huge fan of influencer style sales but the fact is you have to get out of your warm market and budget for sales.

If you only do influencer style, which is essentially lifestyle posting almost as if ZYIA were an affiliate, you are at the mercy of New Releases and restocks. That’s a very risky spot if you, like me, rely on ZYIA income to pay your mortgage.

So, what if your network is over Facebook? As in, they don’t hang out there? Meet your audience where they are and throw a text party instead!

Best practices for parties

  • Themes: capsule wardrobes, birthday party, 3 day fitness challenge, healthy habits, seasonal, event related
  • Involve hostess! If she is willing to record videos for you (reviews, fitness journey, whatever!), let her.
  • Reuse content as much as possible (ie, copy from Facebook parties, IGTV or YouTube reviews)   
  • Follow up with all participants! The fortune is in the follow up.

Get Project Broadcast

You can use this link to get 500 free credits on Project Broadcast!

Full disclosure: it’s an affiliate link but I’m hoping this article has helped you enough to want to throw me a bone.

Serve then Sell

Did you know I have a podcast for service minded direct sellers? It’s called Serve then Sell and can be found in any podcast player by searching “Serve then Sell”

Explore ZYIA Active

If you’re leaning toward the opportunity to be a brand rep, check these out:



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