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Hi there, I'm Suzy!

I uplift other women in the areas of running, lifting, and motherhood and create community for servant leadership.

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5 Things to Do When You Become an Aloette Influencer

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Welcome to the team! Here are 5 things to do when you become an Aloette Influencer.

I know the word Influencer makes you a little cringey (just like followers, amiright?!) but let’s agree on what that means:

You share honest opinions about your favorite brands alongside lifestyle content and have credibility with your network.

Aloette influencer

It has nothing to do with how large your social accounts are, being a hard-core Boileroom style seller, or boss babe ideals.

Put more simply: people know, like, and trust you.

1: Familiarize yourself with company resources

Real talk: you can promote Aloette as soon as you join.

You initially got an email with 2 Facebook groups, one of which has plenty of marketing materials and it’s all fair game.

You also have a back office full of talking points, social media copy per product line (pro tip: tweak the language and make your own), and a number of other things most direct sellers end up having to create from scratch.

Aloette has 42 years of experience– don’t recreate the wheel. Just put on your own spinners!

2. Find your own voice

We believe you should have a plan and launch strategically.

This will be a happy place for you, so think about the channels- virtual, in person, or combination- that scream fun and plant your flag there.

Here’s a great podcast episode about what type of content you should be posting as an Aloette Influencer. Spoiler alert: it’s not all product!

This is also available on any other player- season 1, episode 47
(or search “Run Lift Mom Brenda Ster”

There is no sense of urgency here to immediately recruit 10 people or sell 4 digits worth of eye cream.

You may even be doing this alongside another offering- and that’s great!

In fact, our minimums are intentionally very low because we encourage this!

Many people even sign up so they can get 25% off pricing and call it a day.

Aloette influencer

That’s fine with us- the low minimum and lack of quotas are an advantage for you when you treat this like a business.

Just don’t forget to set a personal goal that will push you!

The con to having stupid low minimums is that you won’t have a sense of urgency. Know thyself- if you work well against a challenge, collaborate with your sponsor to stay accountable to one!

3. Give your future customer a name

Side note: we have male Executives and Estheticians at Astral Brands so I don’t want to exclude our guys in this conversation but the current research shows women make buying decisions for male skincare.

For the most part. I’m sure there’s a bachelor somewhere washing his face with Dial hand soap.

Let’s focus on the ladies.

You need to know who you are serving so you can create content positioned in that podcast episode above (stop right now & put it in your queue) that will appeal to her.

Back to your future customer…

As an example, I serve busy, fitness minded moms in their 30s and 40s.

My ideal customer is well educated, works outside the home, exercises 5-6 times per week, and has the means to pay for quality but secretly squeals inside when she gets a really great deal.

Her most valuable resource is also her pain point: time.

If I can lean into that and save her time (everywhere from her beauty routine to placing an order), she’s likely to remain loyal to me.

Aloette rep

I’ve actually named her- Becki- in an effort to help me connect with her.

This is sort of like naming your unborn child- the name itself forges a strong connection in your mind!

That’s admittedly a bit overboard, but as you wait for your kit, will put you in a position to win.

Take a minute and think about who you will be serving with Aloette.

What do her days look like? What’s on her Netflix watch list? What memes does she laugh at? Where does she hang on social media? What book is she currently reading? What did she have for breakfast?

Creepy, huh? That’s the point.

Now, name her.

4. Choose your Top 8

Pssst- that’s a MySpace reference and if you didn’t laugh, you may not fit in here!

As you wait for your kit, get to know the website, stalk Aloette social and Facebook groups, and define your ideal customer with a name.

Already doing that? Cool.

Now, take it a step farther and identify the top 8 items in the product line that will speak to her.

We have hundreds of options, but respectfully, you don’t need to be a subject matter expert on all of them.

Just the top 8.

If someone asks you about something outside of these, we have a team to rely on (many with 2 decades in this brand, makeup counter style selling!) and a 60 day exchange policy.

You only need 8.

Join Aloette

Here’s an example. Becki is gah gah for the following:

Join Aloette

5. Collaborate with team

You’ll schedule a goal setting session with our team to share your ideal customer + top 8.

This session is for mastermind style brainstorming and will include your sponsor and a handful of others beginning around the same time.

It’s like a pledge class, but it’s not.

Pssst- that was a joke and if you didn’t laugh you might not fit in here!

Let’s connect:

If you are farther along than the above, please move on to my Influencer Sales System.

I will update this in 2021 after our team gets some experience using it. For now, I believe it can and should be adapted to Aloette.

How to sell without parties mlm

By contrast, if your head is spinning, send me a message and we will dish 1:1 about and break it down for you. You’ll have your Top 8 faster than you can say, “Tom is the man!”

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